***Please read the following information regarding AGF membership pricing!!!

July 15, 2018, our policy changed with respect to trampoline insurance. This will affect our pricing for memberships on some classes and will affect trampoline usage for other classes. Each class will have the appropriate membership option automatically attached to the class, so you will not have to select and pay for it separately!!


GFA-Gymnastics For All (Most gymnasts):$50


Developmental (Cangym Advanced, Developmental Parkour and Boys Developmental):$80 **Insurance has gone up and our developmental submission to AGF is higher than GFA**

Pre-Competitive (JO 1-3):$100 **Insurance has gone up and our pre-competitive submission to the AGF is higher than GFA and Cangym Advanced, Developmental Parkour and Boys Developmental

Competitive (JO 4 & up):$125 **Insurance has gone up and our competitive submission to AGF is higher than all other categories.

Classes that fall under the GFA, will no longer have access to trampoline usage, however, other than access to trampolines, this will not affect how we coach your children. We will always make this a fun, safe, and structured environment for them to run, play, stretch and move!! Your children are our number one interest, and we are eager to get more creative!!

This change in insurance does affect Open Gym and Birthday Parties, as there is no access to trampolines during these events, so we will be taking some more time to prepare and re-organize these events! 

We sincerely apologize for the change, and did everything in our power to try to make it so we could keep everything the same, but to no avail, we were unable to. Please know this is a province wide change.

Please also note that due to our new service provider, we are unable to offer the same discount as we have offered in the past. We are now unable to offer the discount. Again, we do apologize for any inconvenience.