Other than the one adult with the 1-2 year old, Unfortunately due to our obligation to follow rules with respect to COVID-19, the entire facility will be off limits to any adults or siblings at this time. We are doing our part to be safe and keep our athletes and staff safe during this unknown time. The only way we are able to open is if we are following rules set out for us. Thank you so much for understanding! More information about drop off and pick up will be posted prior to the session start date!



As of July 1, 2015, Gymnastics Canada adopted the Junior Olympic Program that was developed in the USA. The JO Program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills in order to advance safely. The program allows gymnasts to advance at her own pace. It is divided into 3 major segments: Developmental, Compulsory and Optional.

A. Developmental - Levels 1-2

Gymnasts compete compulsory routines to develop skills progressively. They compete for a score, receiving gold for a score of 9.0 & up, silver - 8.0 & up and bronze for 7.0 & below. Focus is on participation and personal bests. Maturity, Commitment & Dedication are major factors in determining how fast a gymnast will advance.

B. Compulsory - Levels 3-5

Compulsory routines are a pre-choreographed series of skills that each competitor must perform. The philosophy of these routines is for the athlete to practice towards perfection of these basics. The athletes are divided into age groups at competitions.

C. Optional - Levels 6-10

Gymnasts compete optional routines on each event, The Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) produces the rules and guidelines for these routines. The book "Code of Points" dictates what each routine must contain (composition), the value of what is done (difficulty), and how to evaluate how well it is done (execution).

Interested in JO??

Your Commitment


 Gymnasts aged 6-18

*TGFC - gymnasts train 2.5 hours - 12 hours per week depending on age and level

*Goal is to master skills to put in routines and ultimately compete

*Athletes need to demonstrate determination, commitment, self-motivation and be hard working

*Training season includes September - June. Must register in Fall, Winter & Spring sessions.

*Purchase competitive leo & team jacket. Other items are optional purchase

Our Commitment 

You can expect the following from TGFC:

*We provide a safe, healthy training environment with state of the art equipment

*Experienced & caring Coaching staff committed ti developing a sense of team, club pride and belonging

*We focus on personal accomplishments and bests VS winning

*Our philosophy is to treat gymnasts as individuals to help grow and develop them as a whole:




*Guide athletes to reach realistic and attainable goals through determination, strong work ethic, relationships and realizing personal potential

*Create and maintain programming that enhances passion and a love for the sport of gymnastics

Junior Olympic Level 1 & 2  
2.5 hour class

JO level 1 & 2 - 2 days/week at 2.5 hours

Lower level JO Athletes will have a couple opportunities to compete throughout the competitive year.


 The key components and focus is on basic skills, strength, and conditioning.  The girls will learn discipline, technical gymnastics and dance with the emphasis on detail and form.

JO 1 & 2 fall 2021
Junior Olympic Level 3 & Up 
4 hour class

JO level 3+ (invite only) -2 days/weekly at 4 hours

Athletes will compete in out of town competitions.

The competition schedule will be determined in September and communicated during the parent/coach meeting.


 The key components and focus is on basic skills, strength, and conditioning.  The girls will learn discipline, technical gymnastics and dance with the emphasis on detail and form.

FYI - AGF Membership for JO 3 & up this year will be less than normal as this year we are entering the session without the intent to compete. If this changes, and we are able, we will need to upgrade the Membership costs.

JO 3 & UP fall 2020